Sealection 500 is an open cell spray foam insulation that expands to fill cracks, gaps and voids to provide an insulation and air barrier in one application.  It will not sag, settle, deteriorate or decompose so future generations can count on the same performance as the day it is installed.

Click here for SEALECTION 500 technical documents

Heat-Lok Soy 200 Plus™

Heat-Lok Soy 200 Plus has a unique formula that incorporates renewable oils and recycled plastic bottles in the creation of a high performing closed cell insulation.  The structural integrity is protected from air, water and vapor infiltration in one application.

Click here for Heat-Lok Soy 200 Plus technical documents

Demilec APX™

Demilec APX is a revolutionary new open cell spray foam that can be sprayed in attics and crawl spaces without an ignition barrier or coating.  The same benefits you expect from any spray foam including air sealing, minimizing noise and reducing dust and allergens.

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